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my story, before I reach the age of one hundred years.

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One Cold Night

This night. This cold night.

Imagine. Remembering when it comes to me so slowly
And I take it with an open hand, With a full wish of joy

But I never imagined, it could be this hard.
Taking a road, the one you thing will makes your life will last forever

Yet, it kills you, inside. In every breath that you take. With, every breath that you take.

Like a living suicide. The Endless Suicide.

Me, myself, is my very own kryptonite.

It’s funny, how I see the happiness tortured me this way. Ripping me apart.

It’s funny, how this freedom take me straight to the end. How can you run? When you already step on its finish line?

Can I close my eyes now? Shut it down, to the endless run?

February 24th, 2012


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