A Hundred Years

my story, before I reach the age of one hundred years.

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My New Love

Please, see the difference….

This Is GOOD















But this one….

This is GOD!





















The Arch-Enemy

This is Professor
































The Complex Brother

This is Clown

This is GENIUS!!





























And, The Lady, the one and only….

This Is Sherlock's Woman

This Is Irene Adler. THE WOMAN




















Cerita yang keren, gambar yang oke, scoring musik hebat, dan eksekusi yang gila, gila, gila mampus!

Ga tahu gimana cara ngungkapinnya. Tapi series “Sherlock” yang ini bahkan bisa bikin gue percaya, kalo Sherlock Holmes itu bener-bener ada. Nyata.


Oh My God, Sherlock bener-bener adaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

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